Elaine Walker ADCRG

Founder of the Academy and Studio Owner
Irish Dance Teacher
Elaine Walker is the founder of The Elaine Walker Academy of Irish Dance. Elaine was born in England to Irish parents and danced competitively, qualifying and dancing at Championships including The An Coimisiun Worlds. Elaine learned her first Irish Dancing steps from her Grandfather and then danced for the Anne King Academy in Birmingham. After moving to Germany and settling down with her family she became a qualified Irish Dance teacher with The World Irish Dance Association.

Elaine’s dancers regularly and successfully attend Feiseanna and Championships including Nationals and Internationals. In conjunction with The Irish Dance in Sindelfingen e. V. Elaine has annually hosted the Baden Württemberg Open Feis – formally The Stuttgart Open Feis – in Sindelfingen since 2005. The highly polished performance groups within the Academy are trained by Elaine and perform regularly all over Germany.

"Our mission is to grow the self-esteem of our dancers enhancing their lives with the ethic of self-belief, honesty and hard work."


Victoria Reier

Irish Dance Teacher
Victoria retired from solo competition in 2009 after attaining qualification to and dancing in the WIDA Worlds 2008 and 2009. Victoria is World, European and German Champion in Teams. Victoria completed her teacher training in May 2012.


Emily Walker TCRG

Irish Dance Teacher – Heidelberg
Emily retired from solo competition in 2010 after attaining 3rd place in the WIDA World Championships in Malaga of that year and acquiring the title of European Champion Runner- Up in 2010. Throughout her competitive career she was both German and British Champion in her solos and World Champion, European Champion and German Champion in Teams. In May 2013 Emily completed her TCRG qualification and is now fully qualified.


Julia Tschechlov
Hip Hop

Julia began her training in dance in 2006. As a trainee school teacher here in Germany her dance training in the disciplines of Jazz, Ballett, Modern and Hip Hop was attained in many different dance schools including schools in Los Angeles. This training also allowed Julia to take part as a dancer in prestigious TV productions such as the Eurobiker Exhibition, Festivals and shows for the Watch and Jewellery Exhibition in Basel Switzerland and for Nike. In 2015 Julia decided to dedicate her knowledge in dance to the further training of children, teens and adults and discovered “Starmoves.” This teaching concept operates on two levels. Firstly it offers continuing seminars and training to its coaches ensuring that they are fully at the top of their game and secondly has the license to current and famous choreographies ensuring that the choreographies being taught are of the highest quality. Stasrmoves offers competitions and workshops where all Hip Hoppers can measure their knowledge and make all important networking connections.


Andrea Tittes
B. A. Sport Science

Marketing Manager
Andrea's qualification in sport management and her job as a sport trainer gives her deep roots with all things 'sport'. As a former competitive Rock'n'roll dancer she understands the importance of high-quality training. Andrea is a member of the support team with responsibilities for marketing and making the Academy more well-known in the area. 


Natalie Kapahnke Licensed Zumba Trainer  

Licensed Zumba 
Natalie has been teaching Zumba Fitness since January 2015. Since she loves to work with children and teenagers, she completed her Zumba Kids & Kids Jr Instructor certificate in September 2015. Currently she is studying Fashion Design in Stuttgart, dancing however is her great passion. 


Diana Benz
Licensed Zumba Trainer  

Licensed Zumba
Diana Benz ist a group fitness instructor with her whole body and soul. Her passion is Zumba.  With her good humour and fitting beats, she makes her dancers sweat. Diana is an editorial journalist and is teachingnot only Zumba fitness but also Zumba Kids, Zumba Kids Junior and the only Zumba class in Böblingen with both kids and parents! Diana also teaches Jumping, Faszientraining and aqua fitness where the element of fun is always the centre point of her teaching.


Tina Weikard
Aerial Fitness und Mano Yoga Trainer

Aerial Fitness und Mano Yoga Trainer  
Tina draws from a decade of multifaceted experience and creates extraordinary learning experiences from them. Her inspiration comes from a variety of creative areas including modern dance, Body Mind Centering, Yoga and Luftartistic Coaching. From this mix Tina shines in the world of Aerial Yoga. Her yoga is based on international Vinyasa Training from the Yoga Alliance in Thailand (200 hours of Vinyasa Yoga with Anna Sugarman) and she continues to add to her training with courses in India and  experiences, meditations and hours of practice here in  Germany. 


Diana Widowski

Diana grew up in a dancing environment and began her dream career as a dance trainer and choreographer in 2016 at the NYCDS in Stuttgart. Diana works within differing dance disciplines and dances and choreographs for differing productions in Stuttgart. Diana´s focus is on Hip Hop and Ballet with Jazz and Contemporary also belonging to her repertoire.   


Anna-Lena Keller
(License C)

Irish Dance Teacher  - Ludwigshafen 
Anna´s dancing roots are in Ballet, Ballroom and Latin American and she has attained the level of C. License in these disciplines. Anna began her career with Irish Dance in 2007 and in 2010 she founded and now continues to run a ´just-for-fun-and-exercise Class in Ludwigshafen. Since 2014 this class takes part in competition under the Academy. Anna herself also dances competition under the direction of the Academy and took part in the 2017 World Championships in the team event.



Jessica Hilschmann

Irish Dance Teacher  - Saarbrücken
Jeessica has danced in the Irish Dance Hochschulsport group at the University of Saaland since 2011. She is a successful and active competitive dancer, dancing under the Academy, and has been successful at both solo and teams at National, European and World Championship level. Since 2015 Jessica runs the Irish Dance class at the university which has since become both a competitive and performance group. Class takes place at the Saarbrücken University in B8.1 Trainings room in 66123 Saarbrücken on Mondays and Wednesdays from 19:00 to 21:00. 




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