About the Academy

The school was founded by Elaine Walker in 2004. Our spacious studio offers dancers not only a comfortable home from home but also an exciting, fully appointed dancing and learning space, facilitating learning to a high degree. Dancers can certainly be the best that they want to be with us.

Our main goal is to encourage each dancer to reach his/her full potential. We are a successful, internationally acclaimed Irish Dance School with our headquarters based in Böblingen, Germany. Our classes are taught by highly qualified teachers (ADCRG, TCRG, TMRF) who are also bilingual English and German speakers. Irish Dance has its traditional roots with the Celts, with the emergence of dance shows such as Riverdance and Lord of the Dance it has developed into a modern, exciting and contemporary dance form. Whatever your age is or your ambitions are we will support you in achieving your goals of either becoming A Just-for-Fun-And-Exercise-Dancer or A highly Competitive Champion.

We are a member of the World Irish Dance Association (WIDA), an organisation which annually hosts well over 60 competitions throughout the World, including National, International, European and World Championships. Teaching is primarily in English. This is a fabulous opportunity for our dancers to absorb and transpose the English language.

World Irish Dance Association

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